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We envision a future where good fruit wine is a thing. 

We’re not sEEking ACCeptaNCE in THE wine WORld, AND we’re not TOo coNCErnED wITh TradITION

Our wines are going to seem odd until folks catch on and that’s OK.  Fruit wine is considered a joke but getting bent out of shape about rotten juice is pretty funny too. We are more concerned with creating unique flavors and experiences people actually like than fitting in with a bunch of wine creeps.

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Doing something different to make something different

We make a style of wine called pét-nat because that is the best way to showcase fruit. Pét-nat is short for 'pétillant naturel'; a french term which pretty much just means 'naturally sparkling.' Our wines are dry and sparkling, like champagne but with pronounced, whole fruit flavors. We do only native fermentations and never add any extra sugar, flavoring, colors or sulfur (because we think it's garbage and tastes bad)

We’re not sEEking ACCeptaNCE in THE old WORld, AND we’re not TOo coNCErnED wITh TradITIONal STANDARds.
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No crypTIc DEscripTIOns AND no nEEd TO be an expeRT TO ENjoy

What's the point in a lengthy lecture or waxing poetic on why we’re technically good? And who the hell wants to feel talked down to by a bottle?
We want to empower you to select something you'd actually like so we've taken the "revolutionary" route and simply tell you what you can expect when tasting.

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If yOU're not ENjoying yOUrself, why boTHEr?

 Wine only really has two jobs: taste good and be fun. The question 'What's good?' is not one for "the experts" and is much more personal. What do you like? How do you feel about cherries? What about peaches? Our goal is to make natural fruit wines that are palatable to everyone. We welcome casual drinkers and most adventurous tasters to try something we hope they love.

Designer + Brand Director

Becca Miller

An expert brand architect with a background in packaging design, Becca has a keen sense for always knowing where things seem to belong. FRUITBLOOD is inspirationally curated and designed with the drinker in mind because she believes that wine should be both fun and accessible

Founder + Winemaker

Josh Elliott

Josh is a fermentation expert and had been producing beer and wine for over a decade, working primarily with fruit. A lifelong vegetarian, wine has been an opportunity to experiment with food and flavor on their terms

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