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Sleep Talker

'you're doing it again'

FEELS: Bright, Punchy, Dry

TASTES OF: Jam, Wildflower Honey + Tart Candy

AFTERTASTE: Macerated Blackberries in Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice

If you talk in your sleep, are your secrets really your own? Luscious Marionberries and tart Albarino grapes come together to create a bright, fruity experience for this deceptively dark-colored wine. Pairs well with self deception, buttery popcorn and ice cream.

No Artificial Preservatives!

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Label art by Fallon Venable

Fallon has a passion for typography, googly eyes, hotdogs and her cat roommate, Tooth. She uses unique methods to create fun and original brand experiences.

Production notes:

Sleep Talker, 2021 vintage

0.9 Tons of Marionberries (Marion Co. Oregon) and 1.1 tons of Albariño grapes (King’s River, California) were crushed and blended together in stainless steel. A spontaneous fermentation was initiated immediately via carbonic maceration, and remained active for 11 days. Grapes and berries were pressed gently on day 18 and the fermented juice was collected and aged in bulk on stainless until the flavors had softened and come together. 92 cases produced.

This wine received no sulfur additions.

Best served cold!

add some ice if that's your thing

750ml bottle

9.5% ABV

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