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in Retrograde

‘Miss me with that cosmic chaos’

FEELS: Bold, Robust, Dry and Familiar 

TASTES OF: Violets, Black Tea, Berry Jam

AFTERTASTE: Blackberry Compote

Whether you’re working through the weirdness or just taking some time to reflect, Mercury in Retrograde is here for it.This juicy, fruity red blend is made of Boysenberries, Barbera and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. A new experience on a familiar thing. Pairs well with sudden break-ups, super dark chocolate truffles and cold pizza.

No Artificial Preservatives!

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Label art by Hannah Williams

As a designer, Hannah helps bring people's authentic voices to life through design—helping to represent and achieve their purpose. Hannah works across a range of backgrounds, including business, art, culture, and community.

Production notes:

Mercury in Retrograde, 2021 vintage

1.55 tons of Boysenberries (Clark Co. Washington), 0.96 tons Barbera grapes (King’s River, California) and 0.9 tons of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes (Russian River Valley, California) were crushed and blended together in stainless steel. A spontaneous fermentation was initiated immediately via carbonic maceration, and remained active for twenty days. Grapes and berries were pressed gently on day twenty-eight and the fermented juice was collected and aged in bulk on stainless until the tannins had softened and flavors had blended. 98 cases produced.

This wine received no sulfur additions.

Best served cold!

add some ice if that's your thing

750ml bottle

11% ABV

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