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Dolgo CrABApple Pet-nat

FEELS: Juicy, Bubbly, Crisp

TASTES OF: Bright, juicy apple, honey, chilled white gapes

AFTERTASTE: Surprisingly refreshing and uncomplicated, yet elegant; Think Champagne and apples had a baby.

Hey weirdo, ready to try something different? Weirdo is out most champagne-like fruit wine yet. Refreshingly juicy and crisp, it's the perfect companion to french frys, talking to animals like they're people and, most importantly, being yourself.

No Artificial Preservatives - No Added Sulfites

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Label art by Cryptogram

Available exclusively to Club members starting March 29, 2023

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Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 2.25.41 PM.png

Cryptogram is an artist, designer and wine lover based out of Cincinnati, OH. His bold and endearing work helps to keep our hometown delightfully weird.

Production notes:

Weirdo, 2023 vintage

Dolgo Crabapples (Connell, WA) were crushed to produce produced 552 liters of raw juice, which was fermented in a stainless steel tank under anaerobic conditions. A spontaneous fermentation was initiated immediately via carbonic maceration and allowed 8 days to ferment. The wine was racked off of the pulp, centrifuged, then canned where fermentation was completed. 63 Cases produced.

This wine received no sulfur additions.

Best served cold!

add some ice if that's your thing

2-Pack 355ml cans

10.5% ABV

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