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Boy Toy

Peach Pet-nat

FEELS: Fizzy, Crisp + Refreshingly Tart 

TASTES OF: Tons of juicy, nearly-ripe peaches accompanied by a dry, white table wine

AFTERTASTE: Floral + Nostalgic; like boozy peach rings or perhaps fruit cups but without all of the sugar

With its champagne-like fizz and orange color like the evening sun in late July, peaches are the unmistakable star. When you take a sip, you taste TONS of super juicy peach; think peach rings or maybe like a fruit cup but without all of the sugar. The contribution from the white grapes comes across as floral and dry, which tempers the peaches' tartness. The bubbly finish keeps the whole experience so crisp, continuously inviting you to take sip after sip

No Artificial Preservatives - No Added Sulfites

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Label art by Becca Miller

In addition to being an expert in identity development and packaging design, Becca is also the architect behind the FRUITBLOOD brand.

Production notes:

Boy Toy, 2022 vintage

0.75 tons of free and cling-stone peaches  and 0.15 tons each of French Colombard and Albarino grapes were  blended together in a stainless steel tank. A spontaneous fermentation was initiated immediately via carbonic maceration and allowed ten days skin contact time. The wine was racked off of the skins/pulp and bottled where fermentation was completed.  Only 42 cases produced.

This wine received no sulfur additions.

Best served cold!

add some ice if that's your thing

750ml bottle

10.8% ABV

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